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Mallorca 312 turns to Hyundai electric mobility for support vehicles


All vehicles used by the organising team during the Mallorca 312 bike race will be electric. In addition, the car used by the race director will be a hydrogen powered vehicle. This commitment towards sustainability is being carried out at this year’s event, scheduled for April 25th, thanks to a collaboration agreement signed with new sponsor Hyundai.

“We have spent years betting on improving and making our events sustainable both economically, socially and environmentally,” said Xisco Lliteras, CEO of Milestone Series, which organises a series of premium gran fondos alongside the main Mallorca 312 event.

Lliteras continued, “A partner like Hyundai is necessary to continue our efforts by reducing the environmental impact and CO2 reduction at the Mallorca 312. Thanks to this new agreement we can continue our attempts of action and responsibility.”



In addition to the organisation’s cars and the race director’s vehicle, the sponsorship agreement – which runs through 2022 – includes the 100% electric vehicles for all management. This new initiative is seen as a step towards sustainability, ‘the importance of replacing gasoline cars with 100% electricity and minimizing the environmental impact.’

Milestone Series is the new brand of gran fondos organized by 312 Bike & Tours where participants can choose from any of four European events, including all of them. There are three main events in 2020 (Mallorca 312 – April 25; Eifel 205 – August 22; and Båstad 198 – September 13).




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