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Merrell is new official supplier for the Skyrunner World Series


Merrell notes that trail running is the fastest growing sector in the outdoor industry, and is its main focus for 2020. The American footwear brand has partnered up with one of the biggest trail running events in the world. Starting this year, Merrell is now the new official partner and supplier for the Skyrunner World Series.

Merrell has also kicked off the season with a team of top-ranking trail runners joining the brand’s own team of athletes, the Merrell Test Lab. The El Kott twins, long- standing Merrell athletes, are now joined by Denisa Dragomir Duiculeasa, Damien Humbert, Georgia Tindley, Hector Haines and Oihana Azkorbebeitia, to make up the team for the Skyrunner World Series.

The seven athletes will be using the new Merrell MTL LONG SKY and MTL SKYFIRE for the 2020 Skyrunner World Series. Subject to restrictions due to the current Covid-19 outbreak, the Skyrunner World Series Skyrunner World Series event calendar covers 16 races across 13 countries.

“Having this partnership gives us a strong presence in the world of skyrunning and mountain sports,” said Shaun Bohnsack, Senior Product Director for Performance Products at Merrell. “The circuit speaks to our heritage and our vision of where we want to go as a brand. Our newest product line was built for skyrunning; therefore, we could not think of a better event for Merrell to be involved with.”

He went on to say “Our whole Merrell Test Lab of products was built working together with skyrunning athletes and the products were designed with skyrunning in mind. I think our team will excite a lot of new people to take part in the sport because not only are they great athletes but they also bring some interesting and inspiring stories to the table.”




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