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Norco introduces Sight VLT 29 electric MTB


Norco Bicycles has announced its next generation of electric all-mountain full suspension bikes – available exclusively at Evans Cycles in the UK. The 2020 Sight VLT 29 is an evolution of the bike that was last year named ‘2019 e-MTB of the Year’.

“It’s been just over a year since we launched our first electric full suspension mountain bike, and there’s been a lot happening at Norco since then,” said Norco Product Manager Jim Jamieson.

“Earlier this fall, we introduced Ride Aligned, and we’ve also seen the emergence of some exciting new e-MTB technology, like the range extender battery. The benefit to the new design and tech is really big – and riders really want a 29er – so we had to go for it to keep this bike on top.”

The Sight VLT 29 features Norco’s exclusive Ride Aligned design system. According to the company, this provides the same all-mountain performance and handling as the 2020 Sight non-electric platform… ‘with authoritative climbing, eager descending, and high-speed confidence that can only come from the complete integration of rider fit, frame geometry, suspension kinematics and precise bike setup.’

By engineering the entire bike around a Shimano STEPS e-MTB drive unit with in-tube battery technology and a power management system, e-MTB longevity and performance is brought to the fore. With the optional range extender battery (sold separately), riders can add 50-70% more battery capacity.

With five models that integrate e-MTB-specific components – including 29-inch wheels with Maxxis Double Down casing tyres, e-rated suspension forks and 4-piston brakes – the Sight VLT 29 is available in both carbon and aluminium.

‘The carbon frame is strong and stiff in all the right places, and built as light as possible. The aluminium employs the same engineering principals to duplicate the performance and handling characteristics built into the carbon bike with minimal weight penalty.’

The Sight VLT 29 is available in S, M, L and XL with 29” wheels in three carbon and two aluminium options. This new model is available in February 2020.




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