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OC Sport wins WHO tender for Walk the Talk: The Health for all Challenge


In 2010, global sports management company OC Sport launched into the outdoor sports world following a merger with Swiss outdoor specialists Thirdpole. It was a merger that helped position OC Sport as a leading player in the organisation of outdoor events.

Co-founder and Outdoor Events Director at OC Sport, Benjamin Chandelier has been… ‘instrumental since day one, steering the company on a path that now sees it hold an impressive portfolio of events across cycling, running and triathlon and help people to fulfil their goals and lead a better life through the power of sport.’

From a base in Switzerland along Geneva Lake, OC Sport has earned a strong-hold in Geneva and beyond. Most recently, the company won a tender from the World Health Organisation (WHO) to manage its Walk the Talk: The Health for all Challenge in Geneva, a partnership Chandelier says is a great recognition of OC Sport’s success in the region as the premier outdoor events organizer.

“For OC Sport, the World Health Organisation (WHO) Walk the Talk: The Health for all Challenge Walk/Run will bring together all our mass participation events expertise,” Chandelier explained. “We’ll be delivering everything from logistics to operations and race-related activities to ensure the success of the event for both the organisation and all the participants, who will be taking on the challenge on May 17, 2020.”

WHO has an important and inspiring vision, centred around ‘a world in which all people attain the highest level of health and wellbeing.’ Its mission is to promote health, save lives and serve the vulnerable and it is ‘committed to increasing access to essential, life-saving services and interventions for 1 billion more people by 2023.’

As part of the Walk the Talk: The Health for all Challenge, WHO has set out three main objectives:

  1. To raise awareness around issues related to global public health;
  2. To raise awareness around non-communicable diseases like heart disease and hypertension, diabetes, obesity, cancers, and conditions that impact a person’s health and well-being;
  3. To encourage people to adopt a healthy, active lifestyle that reduces the risk of unnecessary illness or premature death from diseases that are preventable.

OC Sport notes that it was built on a similar philosophy. Benjamin Chandelier points to the success of the Harmony Geneva Marathon for UNICEF in raising awareness and promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. “We are proud of our long-term relationship and history with UNICEF as we work towards helping communities in different countries through the race,” he said.

“The race was awarded the Association of International Marathon and Distance Races (AIMS) Social Award in 2019. This award recognises races working towards achieving 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, including no poverty, good health, quality education and climate action. We look forward to continuing to work hard to make a difference in this area.”

Chandelier went on to highlight the commitment and expertise of his team. “I see employees continue to go from strength to strength as they build on their expertise in event management and push the boundaries to create unique sporting experiences. They understand the events and what makes for a great sporting experience because they are driven by a genuine passion for sport and the outdoors.

“I believe it’s these shared interests with our participants and sponsors that really sets us apart. I am incredibly proud of everything we have achieved in outdoor events so far and look forward to seeing what we will achieve together in 2020 and beyond.”




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