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One circuit, three Alé jerseys for HERO World Series


The HERO World Series, which is expanding its mountain bike event offering internationally, has unveiled three different jerseys for each series event.

Jerseys for HERO Dubai (7 February 2020), HERO Südtirol Dolomites (20 June 2020), and HERO Thai (10 October 2020) have been produced by Italian brand Alé Cycling and designed by Manuel Bottazzo.

Manuel Bottazzo is a designer who has been working with the HERO Südtirol Dolomites organisation since 2010. He said that, “Only cyclists who have taken part in the race can wear the HERO jersey. But it is so much more than that: it is an object that every Hero cherishes as though it were a proper trophy.

“This thought provided the inspiration to design a different jersey for every stage. A veritable collection – one to boast about only by completing all the circuit’s races.”

The nature and culture of each event location play a key role in the concept of the new HERO World Series jerseys.

Interlocking waves and the desert’s golden hue feature on the HERO Dubai jersey. Stark and powerful lines for the Dolomites and traditional red are displayed on the HERO Dolomites jersey. Meanwhile, geometrical shapes and nature’s lush green feature on the HERO Thai jersey.

Italian brand Alé Cycling, which is based in Verona, will produce the new HERO World Series 2020 jerseys. The three models are different in their design, but will employ the same manufacturing procedure and product features:

With a front full zip and three different textiles, they are designed for wearability, lightness, breathability and quick drying. The sleeves and sides are made with an open weave fabric, finishing with raw cut cuffs.

Alessia Piccolo, Alé’s Managing Director, said, “Such a demanding race needs special attention, especially when it comes to the materials used. We tried putting ourselves in the participants’ place and picturing the three different challenges.

“We searched for the most adequate materials, and dedicated the same attention to detail we provide when creating the clothes for both amateur and professional teams relying on us. We are confident that our choice of material for these three events is the best possible out there. Now, all we can do is sit back and see what the Heroes have in store for us.”

A further detail which adds to the riders’ safety is added via the use of reflective inserts below the back pockets, for when the jersey is worn during night-time outings. The event organiser added that ‘the low collar and the clean lines highlight the style and technical features of the piece designed by Alé.




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