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Outdoor Swimmer launches Swimrunner title in March


In March 2020, in recognition of the growing popularity of swimrun and the interest in the sport from outdoor swimmers, the team behind Outdoor Swimmer magazine is launching a new swimrun title, Swimrunner.

Swimrunner will be printed as a section within Outdoor Swimmer magazine, while a stand-alone digital version is available for free through Pocket Mags and on the company’s Apple and Android app.

Outdoor Swimmer notes that the last few years have seen the emergence and rapid growth of the new sport of swimrun…

‘Swimrun combines open water swimming with trail running and challenges participants to tough tests of endurance in beautiful environments. The ultimate swimrun challenge is the original Ötillö race in Sweden (Ötillö means ‘island to island’ in Swedish) across the Stockholm Archipelago and includes 65km of running and 10km of swimming. Competitors swim in their running shoes and run in their wetsuits as the make their way through the chain of islands.

‘There are now swimrun challenges around the world. Most are not as extreme as the original and we’re seeing growing numbers of more manageable challenges as the audience widens.’

Outdoor Swimmer has previously published articles covering swimrun events, training advice and gear reviews. The new Swimrunner title, which is sponsored by Head, will bring all this content into one dedicated space.

It will include event and destination reports, training and technique articles, interviews with swimrun athletes, kit reviews, and inspiring stories from the world of swimrun. It will also include UK and international swimrun event listings.

As well as aiming to provide a reliable source of inspiration and information for swimrun athletes, Swimrunner will also ‘create opportunities for swimrun brands to market their products to a committed and growing audience.’




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