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Red Bull’s New Year Challenge takes in four UK events


Red Bull’s New Year Challenge has been launched to help those making fitness orientated goals start 2020 with a bang, and have a challenge worth training for.

With four events across three different sports, Red Bull adds that there is something for everyone and any ability. Red Bull Neptune Steps is for those looking to push themselves in the water; Wings for Life World Run and Red Bull Quicksand are for those looking to shake up their running; and Red Bull Timelaps is for the endurance and adrenaline seekers on two wheels.

Registration to all four events is now open and available at www.redbull.co.uk/NewYearChallenge with information, training plans, event guides and helpful tips. Red Bull has set early bird prices to run over the opening weeks of January.

Wings for Life World Run returns to Cambridge on 3rd May this year, with the ‘Catcher Car’ in tow. In this unique race, runners of all abilities will be able to take part and run as far as they can until the Catcher Car slowly speeds up and all participants are caught. 100% of entry fees goes directly to the Wings for Life foundation to help cure spinal cord injury.

Taking place in the chilly waters of Glasgow’s Maryhill Locks across the 21st-22nd of March, Red Bull Neptune Steps is billed as the UK’s toughest open water swimming event. Competitors have to make their way through the 420m course which includes clambering over seven canal lock gates using ropes and ladders.

With two races at separate ends of the UK, there is ample chance for runners to take part in the tough one-mile race at Red Bull Quicksand. Hosted at Margate Beach and South Shields’ Sandhaven Beach on 30th May and 15th August respectively, the sand race includes gruelling obstacles like giant sandcastles, dunes and trenches.

Red Bull Timelaps will see teams of four or solo riders race on a closed road circuit across Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th October as clocks go back in the UK. In a twist, at 02:00 UK time the ‘Power Hour’ is activated; and riders shift to a shorter course where laps count double.




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