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ROUVY online group rides with TORTOUR


Online training platform ROUVY and the TORTOUR ultra-cycling marathon race are launching a series of online events. According to ROUVY, the partnership sets a new standard of preparation for the race event, making the most of the race courses available for virtual reconnaissance pre-rides before the actual races take place.

TORTOUR is billd as the largest cycling ultra-marathon series in the world. Its race events encompass Ultra (1,000 km non-stop), Challenge (520 km non-stop), Sprint (390 km non-stop) and Gravel (200 km, 3 stages).

The partnership with ROUVY has started with the running of the TORTOUR Digital Cycling Challenge, where riders can win race start packages or branded race kits. All online events are hosted on simulated routes of the upcoming races.

ROUVY’s technology, based on ‘mixed/augmented reality’… ‘allows turning any road into a virtual race, where remote athletes can meet and train together.’

TORTOUR | online events – schedule

  • 1st: February 12, UTC 19:00, route: Sustenpass
  • 2nd: February 19, UTC 19:00, route: Beatenberg – Tschingel
  • 3rd: February 26, UTC 19:00, route: Oberlangenegg – Langnau
  • 4th: March 04, UTC 19:00, route: Grenchen – Obergrenchenberg
  • 5th: March 11, UTC 19:00, route: Flaach – Feuerthalen
  • Online race on March 14, UTC 16:00, route to be confirmed

Organised by Cycling Unlimited AG, TORTOUR is positioned as the world’s largest multi-day, ultra-cycling event. The 1,000 km., non-stop cycling race over several Alpine passes around the whole of Switzerland, was held for the first time in 2009. The adventurous event enjoys continuous popularity, with an increasing number of participants every year.




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