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Selle Italia saddles up with LDL COMeta for worldwide PR

Selle Italia saddle

Italian cycling saddle brand Selle Italia has appointed specialist sport, tourism and technology communications agency LDL COMeta to manage and develop its international press relations.

“The company has embarked on a series of major changes to its strategies and communication,” said Federico Mele, Marketing & Communication Manager at Selle Italia. “The national and international media is part of that new vision.

“This is why we are commencing a close partnership with LDL COMeta. We are familiar with its professionalism and respect the passion it brings to its work in the cycling sector.”

LDL COMeta’s dates back 20 years, when sports journalist Carlo Brena decided to launch a communications agency with a focus on the world of endurance sports: cycling, mountain-biking, triathlon, trail running, swimming, cross-country skiing and ski mountaineering.

The scope of the company’s work has since extended to sports events and tourist areas, resulting in ‘many synergic relationships between different brands and disciplines’. The company currently employs 13 full-time staff at its Bergamo, Italy, office.

“We are particularly proud of this new and prestigious partnership,” said Carlo Brena of LDL COMeta, “and we are happy to be making our experience and professionalism available to Selle Italia.”




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