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SHIFT Active Media in World Bicycle Relief fundraising with GCN’s Dan Lloyd


Riding nearly 1,500km in one month, Global Cycling Network (GCN) presenter Dan Lloyd has raised over £28,000 for World Bicycle Relief (WBR) in a campaign devised and managed by cycling and tri-sports communication agency, SHIFT Active Media.

Dan Lloyd’s efforts out on the road during December – made viral under the hashtag ‘DansADVENTure’ – contributed towards WBR’s mission to change lives in developing countries through the power of bicycles.

Having set out to ride 1,000km across December, Lloyd hit the road aiming to raise £10,000 for WBR. With regular social media posts tracking his progress, and GCN fans joining him each day, Lloyd soon recognised that he’d surpass his initial funding goal. As donations continued to flood in, the stakes were raised, with Lloyd pledging to ride 1,484km – a figure matching the number of likes he received when he first announced the campaign on the GCN app.

As the odometer ticked over to 1,484km with a couple of extra kilometres for good luck, Lloyd reached his goal on Christmas Eve with one final ride.

Lloyd’s endeavours, propelled by WBR UK’s communication’s agency SHIFT Active Media, have not only generated life-changing funds for the charity, but have also transformed awareness for its cause. Amassing over 150,000 YouTube views, more than 52,000 likes, nearly 2,000 comments and hundreds of shares and retweets, the campaign has ‘brought WBR to the forefront of the cycling community.’

236 bikes donated, 236 lives changed
The £28,323 raised will enable WBR to provide 236 of its specially designed, rugged Buffalo bikes to individuals in need across the world, helping them to break down barriers to health, education, gender equality and economic opportunity.

SHIFT notes that the fleet of bicycles funded by the ‘DansADVENTure’ campaign will empower children to reach school quickly and safely, health workers to visit more patients, and farmers and entrepreneurs to transport their goods more efficiently for years to come.




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