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SiS launches Performance Solutions, embedding within partner teams


Science in Sport (SiS) has this week launched Performance Solutions, which is billed as ‘a ground-breaking sports research and nutrition service designed to elevate elite teams and athletes to the next level of performance.’

The world-first service will see experts from SiS’s Performance Solutions team embedded in the performance staff of Team INEOS Cycling, INEOS TEAM UK, British swimmer Adam Peaty and the England Women’s Football Teams. The new initiative will ‘undertake cutting-edge research and deliver bespoke solutions to improve their performances.’

‘SiS, headquartered in London, already works with Team INEOS cycling but will now utilise Performance Solutions to deepen its engagement and help deliver peak performances for the Giro d’Italia, Tour de France and Vuelta a España.’

Performance Solution’s dedicated and tailored approach will combine research on sports nutrition with the application of bespoke delivery strategies. The aim is to meet the complex and varying needs of different athletes. The service will be delivered by dedicated SiS nutritionists, working in close collaboration with the England Women’s Football Teams, Adam Peaty, Team INEOS Cycling and INEOS TEAM UK. In each occasion, SiS experts will be embedded within each partners’ performance teams.

‘Depending on the performance priorities identified by the SiS teams, specific research will be conducted with new best practice protocols written and then delivered by nutritionists on the road to provide the tailored solutions required by teams and individual athletes. The ultimate goal is to maximise their performance.’



SiS’ Performance Solutions has also partnered with Liverpool John Moores University, one of the world’s leading academic institutes on sports science. This will allow the SiS team to access the university’s sports laboratories and academic staff to conduct research and tailor bespoke performance solutions for all partners. The lab will also help drive product innovation throughout SiS, through in-depth research and testing.

Professor James Morton, Professor of Exercise Metabolism at Liverpool John Moores University, is heading up the new service and dedicated team for Science in Sport as Director of Performance Solutions.

“Essentially, we are bringing a new model and methodology of how to deliver high performance nutrition in sports,” said James Morton, who has worked with the likes of Team Sky and Liverpool FC over the past 10 years.

“Our Performance Solutions framework is a way of thinking which helps sports identify their key performance determinants, priorities and solutions, the result of which will help deliver winning outcomes.”

He continued, “We offer bespoke performance solutions to solve those performance needs. By putting our nutritionists into the sports to deliver the best practice protocols underpinned by the latest research, we are bringing science and innovation plus the practical delivery.”

Morton said he believes the bespoke package provided by Performance Solutions will deliver big gains in some sports. “We are bringing a combination of academic rigour and world class practitioner skills to the frontline of elite sports,” he added.

“By bringing a performance first approach, we are going to help athletes get faster, stronger, fresher, smarter and above all, hopefully contribute to winning. I’m excited about SiS making a difference to performances across multiple sports and seeing the performance solution methodology come to life.”

Ashley Read, Science in Sport Group Managing Director, said “Performance Solutions is built on our science-led approach that is the heart and soul of everything we do. It’s a framework and best practice sports nutrition delivery model that we truly believe will help transform the performances of individual athletes and teams.

“Performance Solutions will generate fresh insight on sports nutrition to support future step-change innovation and more importantly help fuel our partners to success.”

Ben Williams, INEOS TEAM UK Head of Human Performance, said “We are very excited to partner with SiS; their world class products and expertise will enhance our athletic programme enabling us to push our training approach even harder, resulting in sustained improvements in both our athlete’s performance and their recovery.”

Paul Barratt, Team INEOS Cycling Head of Performance Support and Innovation, said: “Science in Sport have been working closely with the team since 2016 and have fuelled victories the world over, including seven Grand Tours. The implementation of SiS’ new Performance Solutions model will see nutritionists embedded within the team, enhancing the development of new products and curating bespoke, individualised nutrition programmes for riders using world-leading knowledge.

“SiS’ drive to continually improve matches that of our own and we’re excited to be at the heart of this latest innovation.”




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