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Stance INFIKNIT socks so durable, they’re guaranteed for life


Sock brand Stance has released its first collection with INFIKNIT. This is billed as the brand’s ‘most important fibre innovation to date, which aims to solve the biggest problem people have with socks – holes.’

According to the company, Stance socks with INFIKNIT are so resistant to wear-and-tear that they carry a lifetime guarantee.

‘If they tear, rip or get a hole in them, they can be exchanged for a new pair, no questions asked. All of Stance’s athletic performance socks now have INFIKNIT, and it can also be found in key casual styles.’

The company adds that not only does INFIKNIT help solve consumers’ biggest problem with socks, it helps to alleviate an environmental one.

“Holes suck, and they especially suck for the planet,” said Taylor Shupe, co-founder of Stance. “Socks with holes get thrown out and add to our landfill problems. Instead of creating a technology that would drive consumption, we created something to help curb it by making something that lasts.

“We’ve developed a number of textile innovations that have set new standards in comfort and performance, but INFIKNIT has been the most rewarding Stance innovation to-date.”

INFIKNIT is a proprietary fibre blend that delivers durability into areas of the sock that experience the most friction. The nylon used in INFIKNIT has a higher filament count and is a dense, more compact nylon yarn that gives it higher tensile strength.

The extrusion process of the nylon adds a substantial level of texture to it, which then locks in the additional blended fibres (i.e., cotton, wool, etc) as they are twisted together.

‘The bond that is created during this process acts a shield against wear and tear, because the seal it creates prevents the fibres from breaking down or breaking away from the others thus causing an inception point for a hole or tear.’

INFIKNIT is utilized in strategic parts of the sock that take the brunt of the work, which is visually indicated by a distinguishable contrasting twist. In everyday casual styles, it’s in the heel and the toe, and in the performance styles, it’s in the heel, toe, forefoot and sometimes the ankle.




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