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Syncros Saddle Finder


SCOTT’s accessories operation Syncros notes that its saddle line is built around biomechanics – the science of movement of a living body. As each body is different, the company has a range of saddles to work for different rider types.

To help find which saddle is right for each rider, Syncros Saddle Finder is an online tool – at Syncros.com/saddles – that allows the rider ‘to quickly and easily find the best saddle for you and your chosen cycling discipline.’



In a release, Syncros noted that ‘Tinder has changed the way that the world does dating. Similarly, we are looking to change the way that you find your perfect saddle with our saddle finder.’

The company’s saddle range is built around Performance and Endurance lines designed around flexibility (not fitness) and then comfort options of cut-outs and channels.




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