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Update for Boyd Cycling’s Ridgeline mountain bike wheelset


Boyd Cycling has updated its carbon Ridgeline mountain bike wheelset. The 2020 Ridgeline – billed as an Enduro strength, XC-light wheelset – gets a spec update and decal facial ‘to keep current with today’s modern mountain bikes.’

Accommodating the trend toward larger tyres, the Ridgeline’s internal width is increased from 26mm up to 30mm. Ideally suited for tyres measuring 2.3 to 2.7 inches, the larger width aims to improve traction and control especially when riding over gnarly terrain at lower pressure. The rim’s hookless profile with 3mm wall thickness helps with impact protection, and the Boyd tubeless rim bed ‘addresses those lower pressures for burp-free riding’.

To balance the spoke tension between the drive and non-drive sides, the new rim design uses a 3mm spoke offset for a better responding and more balanced wheelset. The Ridgeline is built with Pillar Wing 21 spokes and external brass nipples; the front laced with 28 spokes/2X, the rear, is laced 3X with 32 spokes.

The Ridgeline’s reinforced carbon layup is suited for Enduro style riding, intended to handle all conditions and terrain. Even with the reinforced layup, however, the Ridgeline 29’er rim weighs in at a svelte 475g; the 27.5 at 440g.

Boyd Johnson, the brand’s namesake, idea and product engineer, said, “We’ve been testing these in on the trails for over a year now, even letting our downhill team use them for competition. Even under some of the craziest riders I know, the wheels have not only held up, but outperformed our highest expectations.

“Given my road background, I’ve never been the best mountain biker out there but with these wheels I’m no longer the laughing stock on our local technical, Enduro-style trails. They’re indeed Enduro strength but nimble like a cross-country wheel.”

The company adds that the Ridgeline’s centre-pièce de résistance is Boyd Johnson’s newest crowning jewel, the Tripel Hub. The new 6061-forged aluminium Tripel has six pawls, each with three points.

With all six pawls engaging simultaneously, 18 points of contact propel the rider forward, ‘capable of handling even the highest of torque load generated by today’s modern 1X drivetrain and massive cassette ranges.’

102 teeth on the drive-ring yield a quick, 3.5 degree engagement with low drag – while coasting ‘ensures that your back wheel keeps you rolling, yet engages the instant you stomp on the pedals.’

With increasing OE demands on the South Carolina family-run craft wheel builder, Boyd has also added Micro Spline and Super Boost rear spacing options to the new Tripel.

Summarizing the spec options, the Ridgeline is now available in standard spacing, boost spacing and super boost rear spacing. Rear hubs are available in traditional Shimano, Sram XD and the new Shimano Micro Spline drivers. As with all Boyd hubs, swapping between freehub drivers is tool free, and takes about 15 seconds.

The Ridgeline 29’er front wheel weighs in at 825g; 1000g for the rear. The 27.5 wheelset weighs 35g less per wheel, thus 790g for the front and 965g for the rear (note: weights based on Boost hub configuration). Stealth black decals complete the update. The Ridgeline retails for US$1700 for the set and carries a lifetime warranty and a lifetime crash replacement program.

Boyd Cycling wheels are available in the US through independent bicycle dealer channels and are assembled in Greenville, South Carolina.




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