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USA Triathlon partners with ‘human performance experts’ Amp Human


USA Triathlon has announced a three-year partnership with Amp Human, a biotech company ‘dedicated to helping athletes reach their maximum potential’. Amp Human will support members of the US National Team and Toyota US Paratriathlon National Team, as well as age-group athletes, through its flagship product, PR Lotion.

In addition, Amp Human will serve as the presenting sponsor of the National Challenge Competition, a virtual challenge for USA Triathlon clubs.

Education of athletes, coaches and the entire triathlon community will be a key component of the partnership. PR Lotion is billed as the world’s first and only bicarbonate sports lotion that allows bicarbonate — a natural electrolyte with more than 40 years of research supporting its performance and recovery benefits — to be absorbed through the skin.

‘For triathletes, this means the ability to maximize training efforts, aid in recovery between training sessions and sustain high output in competition.’

PR Lotion is permitted under US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) and World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) regulations, as well as under the Informed-Choice and Informed-Sport programs.

“Amp Human’s PR Lotion is an extremely effective new product that is quickly gaining widespread adoption among the triathlon community,” said Chuck Menke, USA Triathlon Chief Marketing Officer. “As the national governing body for the sport, we aim to continually maintain our position at the forefront of innovation and technology, and our partnership with Amp Human exemplifies that approach.”

Naomi Clarkson, Amp Human Chief Growth Officer said, “Amp Human’s mission to support individuals in ground-breaking athletic efforts, and what better partnership to do so than with the multidisciplinary sport of triathlon. We are thrilled to be an Official Partner of USA Triathlon in the lead-up to the Olympics and beyond.

“During training sessions and competitions, when approaching or at ‘threshold’ intensities, PR Lotion buffers acid to reduce fatigue and support higher training loads. It’s a perfect fit for a sport that entails demanding training across multiple disciplines, and we can’t wait to see what US triathletes will achieve with us.”

As presenting sponsor of the National Challenge Competition (NCC), Amp Human will support participating clubs by providing special offers to support their performance. The NCC is designed to get triathletes excited about off-season training at the club level, as USA Triathlon-certified clubs across the country go head-to-head to see who can log the most swim, bike and run training miles. The NCC will take place across three sessions from January to March.

Amp Human will also support US amateur triathletes at key events throughout the year, including the Toyota USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships, the Duathlon National Championships, the Collegiate Club & High School National Championships and the second annual Legacy Triathlon. In addition, USA Triathlon members will receive exclusive offers on PR Lotion.




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