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Visibility manifesto: Alé pushes ‘Ride Fluo’ campaign


Fluo colours have been part of the Alé DNA since the apparel company’s formation six years ago. The high visibility concept is being newly launched. According to Alé, fluo is not just about colour, it is ‘a style, a philosophy and a manifesto with a definite aim: to make cyclists visible.’

The ‘Ride Fluo’ campaign was launched by Alé at the tail end of December, and is destined to become the company’s leitmotif in 2020.

The brand claims that it was the first on the market to use bright fluo colours for its garments. It has done so since its debut in 2013. The company has announced a series of marketing, styling and promotional activities, all aimed at enhancing cyclists’ visibility and grouped together under the hashtag #ridefluo.

Fluo colours will be featured prominently in the Alé 2020 Collection, as in all previous range offerings, but are ‘destined to become an increasingly stand-out characteristic of the brand’. Alé adds that fluo will be a tag, an accent, a recurrent motif which, starting from the logo where it has always appeared, will extend to other garment details and inserts.

Alé argues that fluo is a choice that goes against the tide… ‘one which puts the cyclist’s visibility first, before any minimalist trend for black; an authentic fluo philosophy, which has also been endorsed by Alé’s professional partner teams.

In fact, many of the garments worn in 2020 by the teams of the World Tour Alé BTC Ljubljana, the Movistar Team and Groupama FDJ, will be fluorescent or have fluo trims or inserts.




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