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Wattbike rides with Intelligent Cycling on ‘world-first group cycling software’


Wattbike has partnered with Intelligent Cycling, a specialist in indoor cycling technology. According to the companies, the new collaboration brings a ‘world-first technology to the industry, which transforms indoor cycling into a truly smart, connected experience.’

Designed to create a motivational journey for the member, enhanced programming options for the instructor and a better business tool for the club owner, Intelligent Cycling software will put each Wattbike AtomX rider at the centre of their own personalised, immersive smart workout.

‘Providing a new, unique class experience the Intelligent Cycling technology will connect to each Wattbike AtomX in the class independently, personalising the resistance reaction on each bike to match the needs of each rider. This allows for everyone in the group to follow the same workout, but at an intensity that suits their fitness level.’

Brian Overkær, CEO and Founder, Intelligent Cycling said “Intelligent Cycling develops software to raise the game of indoor cycling. Technology that really impacts a class, regardless of which instructor is coaching.

“Wattbike is the indoor bike of the moment. It has a high penetration into the clubs and is the only truly smart bike, that can connect with our software to initiate an individualised user experience on a whole new level.”



With patented technology, the Wattbike AtomX already gives riders a fully connected cycling experience. By combining this smart technology with Intelligent Cycling software, each rider’s details will be recognised. This will automatically personalise the ride and adjust the bike’s resistance for each individual, allowing a group of varying abilities to workout together at the same relative intensity to ensure every session is a bespoke workout for each rider.

To simplify the process, Intelligent Cycling has created software that doesn’t require any additional hardware. The operator only needs a computer and to download the programme, ‘saving a huge investment of hardware that other competitors in this space require.’

Overkær added, “We are of modern age technology, which sets us apart from our competitors who still require buyers to additionally spend thousands on hardware just for software set up. Our system requires no maintenance or additional hardware, just the download itself. Users can even log in from anywhere to join a class, just by using their smartphone and a class access code.”



Richard Baker, CEO at Wattbike said “Indoor cycling has evolved dramatically over recent years as technology, connectivity and equipment have enhanced the indoor cycling experience.

“Now, for the first time, software that displays an immersive user experience connects directly with the bike of the rider, altering to the exact ability of that user, changing resistance to suit the portrayed environment and intensity of the ride. This is the first truly smart group cycling solution. Welcome to the future of indoor cycling.”




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