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Whiskey Off-Road fills to capacity in record time


Epic Rides has announced that the 17th annual Whiskey Off-Road mountain bike event in Prescott, Arizona, on April 24-26, 2020 has filled to capacity in record time. The last available entry was taken on February 28. The previous record was a month later, filling on March 28.

Featuring three different distances (15-, 30- and 50-miles), Epic Rides notes that the Whiskey Off-Road serves up some of the finest singletrack in the American Southwest thanks to the efforts of local trail building volunteers, the City of Prescott and the Prescott National Forest.

‘Since the first Whiskey Off-Road was run in 2004, the greater Prescott area has blossomed with new multi-use ribbons of dirt the community has embraced as their own, and the Whiskey Off-Road shares these world-class trails with each participant.’

“The Whiskey Off-Road wouldn’t be what it is today without the region’s focus on trails,” said Todd Sadow, Epic Rides President and founder. “Epic Rides has been fortunate enough to play a small role in this trails renaissance, and we are forever grateful to the community and public officials for making it happen.”

Each year the Whiskey Off-Road gives back a portion of its proceeds to help support trail building and trail maintenance efforts, helping fund local organizations like Over the Hill Gang and the Prescott Mountain Bike Alliance. Last year, the Whiskey Off-Road featured nearly 10 miles of new singletrack, showcasing all the hard work of the trails community.

“Every year we are thrilled to host the Whiskey Off-Road, a premier mountain biking event, and we were pleased to learn that Whiskey Off-Road is sold out, nearly eight weeks before the event, “ said Prescott Mayor Greg Mengarelli, “We appreciate the support of the mountain biking community, and we look forward to welcoming everyone to Prescott on April 24th-26th.”

Epic Rides’ Grand Junction Off-Road in neighbouring Colorado on May 29-31 is already 70% full, and the Carson City Off-Road in the Nevada State Capital on June 26-28 is over 60% full.

‘The Grand’ is known for its technical trails beneath towering mesas on the Western Slope of the Colorado Rockies, while Carson City boasts a challenging high alpine route with views of Lake Tahoe.




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