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Zwift levels up hardware offering with new NPE Runn speed tracker


Zwift, the global online training platform, is introducing the NPE Runn, a treadmill running speed tracker, to its running hardware available to buy online via Zwift’s Online Shop.

The NPE Runn is positioned as a semi-permanent upgrade that turns any treadmill into a smart treadmill. The device attaches to the deck of the treadmill and measures the belt speed via optical stickers placed on the treadmill belt.

Zwift adds that ‘The optical sensor is able to quickly and accurately sense speed changes when performing interval training. Runn features a large built-in rechargeable battery that is able to deliver 15 hours of running between charges.’

“Runn is a clean, low-cost upgrade for the home treadmill,” said Mike McCarthy, VP Running at Zwift. “With its accurate transmission of real-time data over Bluetooth, the Runn is a fantastic way to unlock the power of Zwift, making your indoor running not just great training, but most importantly a fun workout.

“I am really excited to see our community using the Runn to get more out of their training at home, whether on a Zwift group run or smashing out some intervals on Watopia.”



Jeff Lasch, Senior Product Manager for North Pole Engineering said, “We built Runn to make it easy to convert any treadmill into a smart treadmill. Smart treadmills combined with apps like Zwift, open up unique and engaging workout experiences for runners – keeping them highly motivated when working out indoors.”

The NPE Runn is available to buy online from the Zwift Shop and costs £77/ €90 with free shipping.




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